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Nike Is a Goddess : The History of Women in Sports
by Lissa Smith (Editor)

Woman the Hunter
by Mary Zeiss Stange

Annapurna : A Woman's Place
by Arlene Blum (Preface), Maurice Herzog

Season of Adventure : Traveling Tales and Outdoor Journeys of Women over 50
by Jean Gould (Editor)

Femme D'Adventure : Travel Tales from Inner Montana to Outer Mongolia
by Jessica Maxwell

Basketball for Women : Becoming a Complete Player
by Nancy Lieberman-Cline, Robin Roberts

Canyon Solitude : A Woman's Solo River Journey Through the Grand Canyon
by Patricia C. McCairen

Gifts of the Wild : A Woman's Book of Adventure
by Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick, Jennie Goode, Clare Conrad

Champion in a Man's World : The Biography of Marion Hollins
by David E. Outerbridge