The Clinton Impeachment -- and What That Does To Our Vote

by Alana Wingfoot

So the House of Representatives has voted to open impeachment hearings. They can't just vote for censure and end this business; they want to go all the way. And if Clinton ends up out of office and we have to go through all the changes and stabilization time that accompanies a new president, they don't care. According to Congress, lying about extramarital sex is clearly a more important crime than lying about selling arms to other countries. Or more accurately, a wrong committed by a Democrat is more heinous than a wrong committed by a Republican.

We are appalled by this action and ashamed that our Congress would take this step. And we're going to remember in November:


For the first time as an adult, I am deeply ashamed to be an American.


I have never in my life voted strictly along partisan lines. But I'll be doing that this November. I hope I'm not alone. might be of interest too.


So will I. I can't believe it. I've never done it, either. But it's straight party Democrat. I thought I wasn't going to -- I went to great lengths to read up on the candidates and choose them from various different parties, etc. etc. etc. Now it's all thrown out. This just scares the shit out of me. I can't believe the government is organizing a coup and no one else seems to know or care.

I feel nauseous.


I used to be registered as a Republican. I liked their philosophy of small federal government, and although their emphasis is on big business, I thought that some of their policies would be better for small businesses (which are mostly woman-owned) as well. I'd go to the primaries and vote for the person who seemed to most uphold those Republican ideals without pushing far-right Christian beliefs in their platform.

But now? When the Republican party says that anti-choice is the way to go on abortion, and if you're pro-choice, you aren't a real Republican? When a small religious group controls the party? When party members like Henry Hyde condemn Clinton but brush aside their own adulterous acts? When the Republican party puts squashing Democrats and gaining complete government control over the good of the country?

I cannot in good conscience call myself a Republican anymore. I will not vote for a Republican this fall.


I've never voted straight party ticket - I was so proud to be the first one in my entire extended family to be able to vote in the US elections that I've always taken the time out to POUR through the voters guides and pick and choose those that held views I liked.

But now I'm voting for the party platform. Democrat all the way. I swear, all the goings on in Washington smell like the sort of thing that would be going on in Pakistan and not here.

And it's just what we need. Major world economies are crumbling while the pres has kept ours above water but they're going to impeach him for putting his dick in the wrong place and lying about it. Yeah - that's just what we need as we approach the Year 2000 and cultural millennium hysteria, technological problems and what will likely be a nasty recession.


This is a power play, and we can combat it if we see the larger picture. The Republicans are scared to death of Gore, who is politically clean, very popular, and favors (gasp!) the environment and education. My guess it that they intend to pile up the Moral Righteousness until about November 4-- so that they can win as many Congressional and state seats as possible. Then they will decide not to impeach Clinton, and just let him drift along in impotence (no pun intended) for the next 2 years while they run the country.

There is only one short-term solution: Vote a straight Democratic ticket.

The long-term solution is better. I hope young people are so disgusted by the Baby Boomer party politics that they abandon the two-party system. We already don't choose an exclusive party affiliation, and tend to vote a mixed ticket. Why not go all the way and make some new parties? So many of us are SICK TO DEATH of the blathering of old-guard Democrats and Republicans who have no clue about the real issues of the future. Out with the deadwood!

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