Androcide in Kosovo

by Janis Cortese

The big news stories lately are the NATO air attacks on Kosovo, punishment for Slobodan Milosevic's policy of genocide on ethnic Albanians and general other pathological behavior.

But there may be something to his and his troops behavior that you haven't heard of. Out of the many ethnic Albanian refugees fleeing the area, there are very few men.

Stories have surfaced time and again from the area of large groups of refugees having their men selected out and 'disappeared,' leaving the women and children to move on, suffering the loss of their older sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands.

When gender specific crimes are targeted to women, as happened in Bosnia with their policy of Rape: One Per Customer, the world calls it what it is, mostly because of the dogged efforts of women to highlight these crimes for the horror they are.

So this begs the question -- why are the men of the West so goddamned complacent about what is clearly a policy of androcide, specifically targetting men, some as young as 15, for horrific death away from their families? The filtering of an entire refugee population through a 'No Men' filter and leaving the families behind to deal with the loss of their men?

Or put more simply, I might ask the men of the West: What the hell is wrong with you people? Why aren't you up in arms about this?

But I think I know why.

Women aren't to blame for it. Women aren't at the root of it. Women aren't doing the shooting, or at least not the vast, vast majority of it.

What is your problem?

You are willing to tolerate the wholesale murder of others of your kind as long as it's also men who are doing the killing? Do you realize that, if you had been born there, you'd be dead right now?

Men are famous for screaming their lungs out about How Tough They Have It whenever women talk about our problems and focus on solving them. Battered wives? Hey, what about battered husbands! Sexual harassment of women? Hey, what about when women sexually harass men?

But when a clear instance of wholesale slaughter of men rears its ugly head, where's your outrage? Where's your righteous indignation at How Tough Men Have It? It's nowhere to be found.

Are you really all that bothered by the pain that men suffer, or do you just piss and moan about battered husbands because you want to shut up those bitches who are getting a little too empowered for your comfort levels?

Or do you have such a poisonous view of men that you accept this orgy of throat-slitting, gut-splattering, and skull-bashing as just part of the inevitable makeup of the Human Male? You all yell to high heaven about how terrible Those Feminist Bitches think men are -- but it's nothing compared to what you think about yourselves.

Do you really care about the pain that men suffer, or do you just want to yell back at women?

From your constant reaction (slackjawed silence) to the outrages that men visit on other men, almost exclusively, I know the answer.

And I know that, unless you all start fighting this tendency in yourselves, nothing will ever change.

Why, I hear you ask? Simple. Let's look at the typical process by which shit rolls downhill:

  1. Big Man hits Little Man.
  2. Little Man hits Woman. (Or Gay Man, take your pick.)
Finito. That's it. Powerful, rich men abuse you and risk your life. And what's your response -- to rock the system? To petition those powerful, rich, distant men who abuse you?

No. You go find a woman to scream at or a queer to bash.

The 90% male Senate drafts only men, violating your civil rights in the process IMNSHO, and do you petition them? No -- you scream at us about how unfair it is that women don't have to be drafted, after neatly excluding women from most combat positions that we've been fighting to be let into in the first place!

Men like Joseph Oncale, the oil rig worker, are anally raped with a bar of soap and threatened with much worse by other men -- and who defends him? Gay and female lawyers and legal experts. Where the hell are you?

Powerful men kill other males in Kosovo wholesale like so many pigs in a human slaughterhouse, and who complains? Me, a woman. Again, where the hell are you?

Big Man hits Little Man. Does Little Man hit him back? Does Little Man rock the system? Does Little Man defend himself from his real enemy?

Hell, no. Little Man swallows it all, keeps the crushing hate and resentment inside himself, says nothing (because if he complains he's a puss, right?) until he gets home, upon which point he hits Little Wife.

Powerful men kill less powerful men. Less powerful men abuse women.

And thus powerful men know that they can murder, slaughter, abuse, trash, and endanger less powerful men with complete impunity, since women will suffer the brunt of any misdirected retaliation. 'I, Mr. Big Rich Male, will risk your life or even kill you, Mr. Little Man. But hey, here's a nice convenient punching bag for you to work out your frustrations! Here, have yourself a Woman! Don't go hitting me back, now . . . Hit her instead.'

And war continues. The unfair and unConstitutional draft continues. The slaughter of thousands of men for no reason other than that they have a Y chromosome continues.

And you hate us for it. Or you do nothing.

As long as it's another man pulling the trigger, you don't seem to mind if your brains get blown out.

Copyright © 2000 by Janis Cortese

02/08/07 at 21:48