Sleeping Through the Debates

by Alana Wingfoot

All right, I'll stand up and admit it: I'm ready for the 2000 election to be over so we can just get on with life.

Yeah, I care about the outcome. Somewhat. I'm a member of a non-Christian religion. I think first trimester abortion should be legal. I'm het, but a lot of people I care about aren't. I'm a working mother. My husband isn't a U.S. citizen. I'm against censorship. I don't like big government programs. I'm not crazy about school vouchers, but living in the neighborhood I'm in, I'd probably benefit from them in a big way.

Frankly, I'm starting to suspect that whoever wins the presidency, I'm screwed; it's just a question of whether it's with lubricant or not. Maybe it's just fear fatigue -- for the past two presidential elections, I've worried about the outcome and feared that if we got a Republican president, the rights I consider important would erode to the point where it might be time to look at emigration. Now, if we end up with the Fascist President from Hell (which, IMO, could potentially describe either Gore or Bush, ) well, with a foreign husband and a dual-citizen son, I can emigrate if things get that bad. Heh. Too bad for the other 276 million of you.

Why, oh why, couldn't we have had a Bradley/McCain race instead? (Yeah, I know. It's because most people didn't vote in primaries, and the people who did vote either wanted the known names over the unknown or genuinely thought that Gore or Bush was a better choice.)

For that matter, does anyone else besides me thinks that no matter who wins the election, it would improve matters if the winner met their demise before inauguration day? I'm not wild about Lieberman and I definitely don't care for Cheney, but both of them are improvements over their running mates.

And Nader -- hmph. At least he's got a female running mate, which is more than I can say for any of the other major parties. Given that Bush is going to win in Texas anyway, I'm thinking I might as well vote for Nader, because it won't do any harm, and because I like the idea of having a significant third party. (Take a look at various vote swap sites -- this is an interesting idea, to say the least. Or if you really can't face it anymore, try this site.)

But ya know, the race that's really important isn't the presidential one -- it's the congressional races. I can live with Shrub as president if we have a Democratic Congress. I can live with Gore as president if we unload some of the biggest Republican assholes from Congress, even if we replace them with different Republicans. Forget angsting over Gore/Bush -- think about who's going to be your next representative, and your next senator if one of them is on the ticket this year. Think about your state legislature. Think about your city council.

Forget the Bore and the Shrub. I'm reading up on the important candidates.

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02/10/07 at 5:14