Hypocrisy in the Censorship Debate

by Janis Cortese

Oh, it's certainly not confined to one side or the other. But since I've always thought of myself as liberal (and still do), I'm just more knowledgeable about their end of things. Everyone knows that ultra-conservatives are dickheads, so that's not a surprise. But liberals like to think of themselves as much more highly evolved, and as a consequence they need to be deflated a wee bit more.

So what hypocrisy are you talking about, Janis?

Simple. Think about TV violence, TV sexism, TV sex, TV racism. Yadda, yadda. You know the drill.

Why is it that liberals staunchly defend constant images of women as jiggling bimbos because, "*sticks nose in air* I know how to tell pretend from reality, thank you very much," and, "Oh, come on, no man has ever raped any woman because some TV show told him to."

Fine. Television is completely powerless and unable to influence anyone's behavior in any way whatsoever. No "normal" person is influence by television. And anyone who says they are is an uptight conservative fundie whiner.

Okay. So why is it that these same people act like cancelling "Ellen" will cause legions of gay closeted teenagers to suck tailpipes? Why is it that they wail their hands and whine theatrically about the admitted awful fact that the lion's share of black and hispanic faces on TV are seen behind switchblades? I thought that TV didn't keep you from telling pretend from reality. I thought that TV didn't make men mistreat women.

But it causes gay-basing and racism?

Well, I think I know why they are saying it. It's simple, and it's the same reason that white liberal men defend things like wifebeating, honor killings, and kitchen deaths. It's the same reason why their voices take on such a whining academic cadence when they bring up the bugaboo of cultural tolerance whenever women complain about girls having their clitorises sliced off with broken glass.

They want to crap on women and still keep their membership in the liberals' club. No more, no less. "I can so be a liberal, and still beat off to Hustler!" They love mouthing words like "ethnocentrism" and "repression" and still smugly remaining secure in their complete superiority to half the human race. Gay people and black people are more important -- after all, some of them are men!

And lest you think you're getting off easy, girls, think again. No, you aren't going to come across as "cool," "with it," or "like, so liberated" if you praise titty bars and cheap porn magazines to the guys. They won't think you're cool, and you won't gain any brownie points with Massa by engaging in lame attempts to "hang" and insisting on how "comfortable with your body" you are. I'll be sure to say "I told you so" when you come to your senses and find out that the guys don't think much of those women in that topless bar, and moreover they don't think much more of you, either.

Face it. The media are terrifically powerful. No, it does not cause sexism or racism, or gay bashing. But it sure as hell encourages it. It does nothing to stop it. It paints a target on the chests of all of society's Have-Nots that says, "Have feelings of hate? Can't stand the fact that your penis doesn't guarantee you a million dollars and a sportcar like you were told it would when you were 10? Hey, don't feel bad -- go bash these people!" Your feelings of insecurity, hate, and resentment are perfectly normal, but we can't have you aiming them at the Man, now can we? Here, go act out your issues on these people instead.

And it's about time that liberals started admitting it, admitting to the power of the popular media.

The do/don't lists look something like this:

Where TV Has Power:

Where TV Has No Power:

According to liberals:

Guns, homosexuality, and race

Drugs and sex

According to conservatives:

Drugs, homosexuality, and sexism

Guns and race

I mean, come ON! I can't be the only one who sees that they are following their tired, dusty, stale old 60's political agendas and nothing more!

It's time we admitted it. TV HAS POWER, tremendous amounts of power, and it only makes you look stupid and inconsistent if you insist that putting a black face behind a switchblade over and over does nothing, while admitting that homosexuality exists will cause the world to explode. It makes you look like a dippy idiot to insist that merely showing a gun will turn the viewer into Charles frigging Manson while showing a joint won't turn them into a druggie.

The conservatives defend TV's powerlessness regards the things they get off on: guns and racism. The 60's hippy-trippy liberals defend TV's powerlessness regards the things they get off on -- drugs and sex.

And what is currently masquerading as a serious debate on the merits of a free press is nothing more than two spoiled brats whining about how they don't want to give up their toys.

Any questions?

Copyright © 1999 by Janis Cortese

07/04/07 at 16:21