Shrub's First Strike

by Alana Wingfoot

His first Monday in office, and Shrub's already said he's going to reinstate the "Mexico City" funding restrictions on money to international family planning organizations: no money to any group who uses any of their own funds to advocate abortion in any way. Including merely discussing the option with their patients, or telling a woman that if she insists on aborting this baby at least go to this place where they'll do it safely, or whatever.

Is anybody surprised by this? Okay, I admit I didn't expect it quite this fast; I figured it'd be at least a month. Nope, day 3. I get the message, Dubya. Human life is sacred from conception; that's why you let all these executions take place while you were governor of Texas, eh? Right.

Day 3. Day frigging 3. It's not enough that the U.S. has said all along that the funds we provide can't be used to perform abortions; now you can't use the funds to say anything about the process either. Oh, but it's okay for pro-life organizations to talk about abortion because they're trying to discourage it? Give me a frigging break.

No, I don't want women to go have abortions. I want them to be able to prevent pregnancies in the first place. But dear gods, when the conditions on accepting American funds are that you can't even talk about an option that's still legal in the U.S. (at least right now), that's just mind-boggling.

RU-486 is probably next on the chopping block. Anyone want to predict how many days it'll be before the Bush administration bans the birth control pill because you can use it as emergency contraception?

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02/08/07 at 21:42