Women in Combat 'An Abomination'

by Sidra M. S. Vitale

I just read an article released today by Women's eNews correspondent Gretchen Cook, and amazed at the not only sexist but impractical remarks by Christopher Check of the Rockford Institute:

"It's an abomination," says Marine Corps veteran Christopher Check. "A moral society should not be sending its wives and daughters to war."

When is a war moral? A moral society should not be sending any of its citizens to war, but societies do it anyway. All the time. And women die in war, all the time. Men, too. Soldiers and civilians.

Check, who now works for the conservative Rockford Institute think tank in Rockford, Ill., says a woman coming home in a body bag is "more tragic than a man because it's contrary to her nature to be there."

Check does not go on to demonstrate what is contrary in one's nature to care so deeply about one's country that one volunteers for service that could send one home in a body bag.

Does Mr. Check perhaps mean to imply women aren't patriotic? Or, perhaps unable -- with their higher-efficiency lungs, greater capacity to withstand pain and temperature extremes, to bear the day to day slog of combat or imprisonment?

When male POWs get raped, no one wants to talk about it. When female POWs get raped, it's the end of the world?

Speaking of "the girl lieutenant who burst into tears when she failed to qualify with the 9mm Berretta, and her Staff Platoon Commander (a girl captain) who consoled the distraught young officer by giving her a hug right there at the pistol range.", Check seems almost repulsed by...the fact that women show emotion.

Over 2 million women are among those remembered for their service in the U.S. military, on November 11, Veteran's Day.

Well over 2,000 of those women died in battles, from the American Revolution and Civil War to Panama, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

After a certain point, after women have died in every war in the 200+ years of this country's history, doesn't it make you wonder if you shouldn't just shut the fuck up already, and accept that women are people, too, and some of us are going to be on the front line?

The problem you have with women in combat is *your* problem, not anything wrong with the personnel in uniform today.

Deal with it.

Copyright © 2003 by Sidra M. S. Vitale

02/08/07 at 21:46