Making Money Off Sexism

by Sidra M. S. Vitale

'Women-only' floor opens in South African Hotel

First, I am acutely aware, as a feminist in America, that my experience as both a woman and American, at home and traveling domestically or internationally, will be substantially different, from, say, yours.

Therefore, it may make perfect sense as a "small step" forward in South Africa to offer gender segregation for women traveling alone as...a certain amount of protection.

But on the other hand, this hotel is making money off the fear imbued in women by society (whether it's South African society or, say, American society) that men are dangerous to women and can't be trusted to control themselves.

What do we usually do when someone is dangerous to society and can't be trusted? We restrain them.

What do we do if the victims are women, as a class, and the dangers to society are men, as a class? We lock up the women, instead, and make them pay for the 'privilege'.

Copyright © 2005 by Sidra M. S. Vitale

02/10/07 at 5:13