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Here's the latest installment, written in reply to one of those oh-so-endearing high school white boys who is still learning the fine art of.... human thought. No comments are needed; this one speaks for itself.

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On Thursday, March 30 2000 at 08:42:03 GMT WHiTEY fORd wrote:
>Subject: Feminism Sucks Ass
>Feminism Equals Fascism
>Age 15, Male
>My problem with female activists is that they no longer wanna be equal
>to their male counterparts (I am a male... 15 years old) but they want
>to be superior to them! That's a fact. A lot of the ones that I've
>heard protesting around the area that I live in, they sit there ranting 
>about how women's bodies are works of art, they make the babies, etc., etc., 
>etc., and they tell me that it should be illegal that women go to fight in 
>wars and stuff. That's just dumb, because men have to fight for thei 
>country, so why shouldn't the women? If they wanna be equal, they can't just 
>take the good parts of equality and throw-out the bad.
>Everything about feminism makes me just sick. I mean, I understood the
>feminist movement when it was back in the 1950s, but the women of the
>WORLD should realize that the fight is over! YOU ARE EQUAL, THERE IS NO 
>know that the only type of person that is a "majority" citizen in American 
>and Canada are white males?! That means that the affirmative action stuff 
>goes to anyone who is considered a minority, which leaves the white man out 
>in the cold.
>What's with this "girl power" fad, anyway? It's just causing more
>tension between the sexes. Let me tell it to you like this, ladies; if
>you're against racism, then you can't discriminate men like you are.
>And don't come at me saying men are always making women do the dishes,
>etc., because that's not true. That's all changed and it's accepted now that 
>there are shared tasks in the household. Forget the past, 'causethat stuff 
>is over and done with, alright. GET OVER IT!
>The thing I most hate about feminists is that they strongly believe
>that they pretty much make babies by themselves without the help from
>the male. Damn, girls, we have the sperm, you got the egg. It's a team
>effort just like anything else in life. Sure you give birth to it, that 
>doesn't mean that you have the more significant part in it, you know what 
>I'm saying? A few of my friends have gotten girls pregnant; guess what! They 
>aren't allowed to see their kid because of the mother! The mom is like, "I 
>don't want you to have any part in MY baby's life."
>This is what I would say if I were in that situation, please excuse my
>language, "Bitch, we made that baby together and you have to let me see him 
>or I'll come over there and knock you upside your head." Don't get me wrong, 
>I don't believe in violence unless it's sincerely needed, but she would 
>deserve it if she didn't let me see my own child. You always hear about the 
>male taking off and not wanting anything to do with the kid, but that's not 
>the case in reality.
>The bottom line to all you feminists out there: YOU'RE EQUAL, THE FIGHT IS 
>And a message to all you girls that agree with what I'm saying, I love
>you all! Keep on fighting the power! LOL! And to all my brothers out
>there who see the holes is these beliefs feminists have, keep the faith and 
>we will overcome this truly dark moment of mankind. :-)
>-the ganja smokin' whitey_ford
>CAR INSURANCE: It's not the idea of car insurance that I hate, actually it's 
>a good idea to have it, but here in Alberta, Canada females pay a lot lower 
>of insurance than males do! I don't know if it's favorism or what, but the 
>government claims that the reason it flows that way is because "females get 
>in less car accidents than males." Alright, I'm not saying that's untrue, 
>it's just a FACT that the majority of car accuidents females get in are with 
>parked cars! It's a fact, don't even try to say I'm wrong 'cause I've seen 
>the statistics! If females are getting into accidents with parked cars, then 
>shouldn't their insurance be higher because their accident pronability is 
>obviously a LOT higher than males... think about it. And when a male does 
>get in an accident, he is usually on the highway doing 110KM and something 
>terrible goes wrong, and if you actually look at the drivers on the highway, 
>the larger percentile of them are males! So it is obvious why they get into 
>THAN FEMALES! But, once again, females get in accidents with parked 
>A DIRECT MESSAGE FROM [whitey ford] TO YOU: Feminism is stupid, stop the bitching 
>and moaning because it is no different from religion (which, mind you, has 
>caused more than enough wars over the last 2000 years.) Maybe if you women 
>would stop fuckin' bitching about being equal, things would get better. And 
>the thing I realized about you after reading you website that you classify 
>ALL men into those categories of coming back from work and watching sports. 
>This may shock you, but ALL MEN AREN'T LIKE THAT. Feminists are no different 
>than the fucking Ku Klux Klan! You are discriminating against a group of 
>people for a characteristic of simply being... just because I have a dick 
>doesn't make me a "typical" male. And I guarantee this, you are blowing 
>these things way up in your mind - I only write this anti-feminist shit to 
>fuck you guys back for being fascists. Drop those damn beliefs, if you guys 
>really wanna be in charge and taking care of business, invade Cuba and 
>become the new dictator, alright! CHILL OUT WITH THAT SHIT!
>-the craaaaaaaazy ganja smokin' [whitey ford]

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