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Take a peek at our growing Feminist Bookshelf. Here you'll find titles and full length book reviews of books that we think any Generation-X feminist (or any other feminist for that matter) should have on her bookshelf. If you'd like to help us maintain and grow this feminist website, you can do so by ordering books from through this website.

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[JAWS Diary]

Welcome to the 3rd WWWave!

We are a group of women who feel passionately about women's issues, and we decided to put up a site that would reflect the unique view of women's issues and feminism in the generation of women who came of age in the 80's. You'll find historical information that you might not have known, discussion of politics, sexuality, daily life, sports and hobbies...and lots more! how does crypto trading work

feminism is not dead; in fact, it's on the rise again, but in a new form.

We are the 20- and 30-something women who have always known a world with feminism in it. We are putting a new face on feminism, taking it beyond the women's movement that our mothers participated in, bringing it back to the lives of real women who juggle jobs, kids, money, and personal freedom in a frenzied world. Women may have been granted grudging access to the job market, but we still bear much more of the burden than men: it costs more money to be a woman, we have to work harder just to be considered competent, we do all the emotional maintenance work in relationships, and all the old stereotypes that keep us from being respected unless we act like men remain firmly in place. best crypto exchange philippines

We've had enough!

  • Enough with the guys who refuse to change their roles to match the changes women have made;
  • Enough with the old notion that women are permanent victims who will never succeed against sexism;
  • Enough with the women who think feminism is over because a few laws protect us and "we're all equal now";
  • Enough with the male standard that puts women at a disadvantage in everyday life ("level playing field"-- hah!) --

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We can do better. 3rd WWWave is here to speak out about these issues that affect all of us, and men too. We offer facts that you probably didn't learn in school; opinions about issues we face at home, at work, and in our relationships; rants about our frustrations-- which may help you identify some of your own frustrations; and solutions for a more woman-friendly world. It's time to move away from the older feminism of the 1960's and 1970's and shape a new movement that speaks to women of today. ethereum trading philippines

But we're not looking just to complain. We've come a long way, even though we still have a long way to go, and we're more interested in finding solutions to the problems that confront us than concentrating only on the problems themselves. Women make less money than men for the same job -- we know. But what can we do about it? Balancing a job and a family can be difficult for a woman. How can we make it better? We don't just want to sing the blues. We're in a better position now than we were even ten years ago, and we want to use our new power to help make the world a better place for ourselves and our kids, not just talk about what's gone wrong. How do we make it right?

The Idiot's Gallery

a tender and loving tribute to some very special people


We do not agree about everything-- and that's OK. Feminism was never monolithic, and it never will be. You will hear several voices on these pages; many articles speak for all of us, but some just for the authors in the byline. We hope our voices will help you find your own.

This is not the second wave warmed over. We are building on what they accomplished and taking it in new directions appropriate for the 21st century. We've had enough-- and we're doing something about it!

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