"A New Kind of Party Animal", by Marlene Mitchell

A Review by Sidra Vitale

A New Kind of Party Animal: How the Young are Tearing Up the American Political Landscape, by Marlene Mitchell.

Read. This. Book.

An accessible and seminal work discussing the political activity of 18-35s in the US, I think "Party Animal" illustrates some of the differences betweeen the 'Second Wave Feminist Movement', and the third wave of feminism.

To put it more succintly, I think it illustrates the major differences between my "Gen-X" peers and "our parent's generation", in all areas. Which is why I recommend it to third and second wave feminists, to older votors, to activists of any stripe who are wondering about the supposed 'apathetic slackers' of my generation.

In the US, people my age often exhibit the following characteristics:

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