"A Woman's Guide To Sex On The Web", by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans

A Review by Sidra Vitale

A Woman's Guide To Sex On The Web, by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans. This is the first book that I've been, well, a participant in it's building. Both Web, by Women, for Women (our sister-site) and my own Banned Sites project are featured in different sections of this book, which covers topics from getting you online to where to find outspoken interesting women; from locating reliable sex information and toys, to locating forums for your own possible cyber encounters; recommendations for parenting and sex ed; and relevant free speech issues.

Anne and Cathy provide a survey of portions of the growing and diverse sexual environment that is part of the culture of the Internet. You can find anything on the net, and that includes sexual information. That doesn't mean there are perverts lurking around every corner to cyber-rape you, as popular media seems to enjoy implying.

It does mean that you will find information on everything from honest descriptions of our "first times", to online forums where you can explore your own sexual interests in the comfort and emotional safety of your own home. Does the idea of spanking seem a little...exciting? Swing by a human sexuality site and pick up a FAQ list [frequently asked questions] on the topic. Wondering what BDSM actually means but afraid to ask? Let your fingers do the walking.

Looking for a resource to help you start talking to your kids about sex? Anne and Cathy have got some great sites to help get you started off right.

Witty, informative, and timely, _the Woman's Guide To Sex On The Web_ has something for every woman. Including me! I have to go check out Asia Carrera's website now, I hear it's a real blast, and we have a lot of similar interests (sex, physics, classical music, and the stock market). I'm off to go surfing!

Copyright 1999 Sidra M. S. Vitale.