Second and Third Waves

We call ourselves feminists, and want to be part of the Women's Movement that seeks to empower women all over the world, to question the rigid gender roles we live with, and to generally make women and girls feel like their opinions, values, and dreams matter.

But we also want to help shape that Movement, not simply fit into the structure previously created by the Second Wave. It was a good structure, but it was created 30 years ago, and is in need of some updating. We find outselves frustrated with the Women's Centers on University campuses for not addressing the real issues we face every day. We find ourselves nonplussed after "women's group" meetings, wondering why they feel vaguely like a waste of time. We yearn to make the Internet a friendly, profitable, and exciting place for women, but find instead that mainstream gender stereotypes are starting to take over the atmosphere even in cyberspace.

On these pages, we detail our problems with the older structures of the Women's Movement, with the purpose not to whine or bash other women (for surely sexism has won when we start to fight among ourselves), but to work toward constructive change. Outlining the problems is the first step in creating solutions. These pages are also a place for us to reveal our visions...

Visions of the generation of women who make up the third wave.

08/31/07 at 19:52